Application Solutions


about prateekWe understand that today, enterprises are challenged by a continually-evolving business landscape. To keep one step ahead of the pack, the leader has to constantly emerge smarter and more efficient .

  • We describe, detail and devise applications that are custom-made for your business requirements.
  • Our proven systems, methods and processes help us create flexible, easily maintainable and high quality applications .
  • Inherent flexibility of the applications facilitates easy future enhancements .
  • Our applications are totally secure, extremely reliable and follow industry benchmarks.
  • Our applications possess a highly interactive user interface for ease of operation and a high level of user engagement.
  • Servicing many public and private organizations, which are becoming increasingly dependent on high performance applications.
  • Our services are targeted towards empowering your business with the ability to increase productivity and get complete value for your investments.
  • Strong foundation of expertise of our multi-talented taskforce and experience across various industries in providing value-added services .

We also review and revise your existing applications to streamline them to your business processes. We operate at the cutting edge of technology. We use newer, more advanced methodologies to accelerate the application development process.

We realize that the pace at which businesses are moving and technologies are emerging, it is imperative to jumpstart the application development process to stay ahead. With our “Rapid Initiation” process, the process of application development is initiated instantaneously. Our teams work simultaneously on different aspects of the application development process which expedites the process greatly and saves precious time in the testing and deployment phase.

We help you remain competitive in this tumultuous business environment, contact us today.


about prateekApplication maintenance can be a cumbersome task and businesses have to often engage key IT personnel for this activity. The IT teams need to be on their toes as far as the fast-changing dynamics of technological advancements are concerned. They need to have a deep understanding of the business processes and ERPs and the industry best practices to stay in tune with the objectives of the business.

  • Maintain quality of services and increase productivity.
  • Dedicated support team with the wherewithal to provide maintenance of complex applications .
  • Utilization of a comprehensive set of tools and processes which are configured to the specific requirements of your business.
  • Removing the burden off your key IT personnel who are now free to focus their energies to innovate and provide service excellence.
  • Our expert teams expedite the resolution of problems and minimize the interruption of business processes.
  • Highly improved application reliability and performance.
  • Reduced time for resolution of problems.

To understand how our application maintenance services can help you to increase operational efficiency and respond swiftly to changing requirements and priorities, call us today.


about prateekOne of the biggest challenges of businesses is the inability of its different business software like supply chain management applications, CRM applications, ERP systems and payroll and human resources applications to communicate with each other. In a fast-paced business environment, it is imperative for these applications to "talk" to each other in order to streamline the process and save precious time and resources. These information silos lead to inefficiencies through identical data being stored in multiple locations and also due to lack of effective automation.

  • Our services consist of data, enterprise and systems integration, which allow effective communication between legacy and other applications.
  • Integration of web-based features into older applications .
  • Effectual collaboration between all facets of your business to enhance capabilities and increase profitability.
  • Expertise and experience in providing integration services to a vast array of businesses
  • Use of the latest technological advancements, like the cloud and virtual servers platforms.
  • Industry best practices to provide you with a multitude of software integration requirements.
  • Enhanced organizational dexterity to respond to the constantly changing business scenario.
  • Highly adaptive applications which are “in sync” with your business objectives.
  • Greatly reduced integration complexities due to a discordant IT environment.
  • Scalable, future-ready, enhanced flexibility and cost savings in the long run.

Our team of talented experts will design the integration architecture. They will develop, migrate and consolidate the integration process and also help you with governance, maintenance and management of the integration.

Wish to know how your business can leverage existing IT assets through our state-of-the-art integrations services? Call us today.


about prateekIn a highly competitive business environment, enterprises are looking at staying competitive by providing value to the customer and yet cutting costs at the same time. They are looking at innovative methods of software testing and meeting compliance obligations and industry standards. This creates a finely balanced scenario of expectations and delivery solutions.

  • Holistic solutions towards all your testing requirements by making use of the most advanced technologies and methodologies available.
  • Our reliable and industry standard testing methodologies assess your current software and advise you on the most optimal testing approach.
  • Our management solutions provide ongoing support to your testing functions and requirements and improve upon it.
  • Reduce operation costs and improve the stability of their applications .
  • Unbiased check on quality and identification of defects will help your business rectify them much earlier.
  • Secure your applications from potentially untrustworthy access.
  • Enhance the quality and performance of the software and expedite the time-to-market for your product.
  • Specialised testers; trained and certified in the best testing processes and utilise the perfect blend of traditional and emerging technologies.

We offer a comprehensive array of testing services for all kinds of applications. To know how your business can gain a strategic advantage and provide value to customers, contact us today.