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How Well Do You Think You Know Your Customer?

Businesses are realising of late that customers from both B2B and B2C segments are becoming increasingly fickle and demanding of service providers. Their (unrealistic!) expectations are that the service provider should “anticipate” their needs and provide superior services accordingly. If they are unhappy with the service, they exhibit no qualms, whatsoever, to shift loyalties to someone who does. Thus to retain customers, it has become imperative for businesses to understand their customers as much as they understand their business.

To do this, businesses need a reliable solution which cuts across multiple segments of the customer experience. Through its extension, it needs to provide comprehensive information about the customer to your sales representatives. This leads to an enhanced sales experience, both for the rep as well as for the customer.

The customer record needs to be incorporated into the database and should be visible to the call centre executive when the need for follow up arrives. It should also help in service resolution. This same data needs to be the bedrock for creating extremely fruitful and targeted marketing campaigns to generate leads and eventually, sales. The data should also integrate with core business processes like finance, inventory and order management.

NetSuite CRM is a comprehensive platform to do all this and more. Many businesses, after having tried various proprietary CRM databases and struggling miserably with them, are integrating NetSuite CRM into their business processes. With inbuilt agility and flexibility, NetSuite CRM is capable of fully integrating into existing systems and increases efficiencies and real-time visibility of core business processes.

Do you wish to better manage your customers and provide them with a better service experience? Know how NetSuite CRM can help for your business.


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