Prateek Technosoft



Is it the ability to sense change before it happens?

Is it the ability to be proactive?

Is it top-notch decision-making abilities?

Is it the ability to garner the undying respect and loyalty of the followers?


is it simply an amalgam of all this and much more?

As in every aspect of human endeavour, the Information Technology industry also has its fair share of perceived leaders and the pack. What makes a leader in this sector is the exceptional ability to distinguish between substance and fluff. A leader is expected to perceive imminent change and guide customers to brace themselves for the initial mayhem before it strikes. A leader listens, understands, devises and then deploys.

Prateek Technosoft believes in the power of change and in the concept of the leader. We believe that leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. We listen to our client’s requirements, understand them to the fullest possible extent, and beyond, devise a strategy and then deploy it using methodologies and processes at the cutting edge of technology. All this while keeping the human impact intact. And this experience helps us provide strategic solutions for today’s businesses.

At Prateek Technosoft, we believe that technology is an enabler of businesses, not merely a tool. We understand the challenges of today’s businesses and the demands of a competitive market. To this end, we endeavour to provide IT solutions for businesses. These solutions are not tacked, but meticulously sewn into the very fabric of the business.

Whether it is banking and finance or manufacturing or retail, our solutions are customised for every enterprise. We appreciate your need to concentrate your primary focus on doing business and not be bothered by ancillary issues. We seamlessly integrate all your IT solutions into your business without any disruptions in your everyday business processes.


Prateek Technosoft is a complete, end-to-end IT solutions provider. We are a bunch of experienced mavericks that define the norm, rather than follow it. Our team members have had the rich experience of enabling and arming countless enterprises with solutions to increase their bottom line. We have come together for the single purpose of providing exceedingly high customer value. We have the domain expertise and experience of a wide range of industry verticals, having worked in some of the best IT companies in the country and the world. We are committed to your delight and satisfaction. Our endeavour is to create novel benchmarks for others to follow.

NetSuite Partners

We are channel partners of NetSuite, the world’s most advanced cloud-based business software suite. With platforms that range from CRM, ERP to Ecommerce, NetSuite provides amazing flexibility and business intelligence. 20,000 customers cannot be wrong!


To help enterprises meet their business objectives through unparalleled service and groundbreaking solutions and to set industry benchmarks for our competitors to follow.


We believe that technology is a means to enable and empower. The delivery and fulfilment of this dual responsibility lies in the hands of the service provider.

  • We endeavour to help businesses get this dual advantage of technology.
  • Through exceptional customer service, responsive and cost-effective solutions and high client satisfaction, we intend to become a prime service provider for enterprises looking to increase efficiency.
  • We honour the faith that our clients place in us and stay true to it while delivering quality work in an ethical business environment.