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NetSuite Data Migration

NetSuite Data Migration

Consumers and brands are becoming increasingly connected. This connectivity has been made possible by Cloud technology — and NetSuite can easily power your journey to the Cloud. Any possible misfire during a poorly attempted data migration can have severe cost and business consequences. Therefore, ensuring that you tie-up with the right data migration partner can put you at an advantage. Our approach to data migration comes with a strategy that ensures success and efficiency.

Key Benefits

Assured Business Continuity - Our take on your data migration is designed to cause zero interference in your business processes.

Reliable Data Transfer - Our expertise lies in using Excel for scrubbing and formatting data utilizing formulae.

Customized Migration - Our experience with data integration tools like CSV imports, Web Services, and Boomi allows us to build custom migration plans suited for your needs.

Phases of Data Migration

  1. Design - Creating a data migration plan

  2. Extraction - Extracting data from your legacy system like QuickBooks, Sage, ACT and so on

  3. Cleansing - Scrubbing, de-duplicating, and formatting the extracted data

  4. Loading - Loading the clean data to NetSuite

  5. Verification - Ensuring that the data transfer is complete and accurate

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We have served clients across diverse industries like Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Services, IT/ITES & Software, and Non-profit.