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Trusted Organization


Trusted Organization

Reasons to Choose NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite delivers features that have led to the evolution of organizations from the earlier stages of their growth and enabled them to become leading businesses within their industries. At Prateek, we can scale the capabilities of NetSuite to grow as you grow — laying a strong foundation at the start, which can then support the implementation of additional functionalities as your business progresses through each stage of its growth.

NetSuite helps you make a swift and seamless move from on-premise servers and legacy systems to the cloud.

Built-in Flexibility


Whether you are looking to scale up, revamp, or adopt new business models, NetSuite’s customizability can be leveraged to enable a seamless move from your existing systems to your new ones.

Business Intelligence for all

Business Intelligencefor all

All the modules of NetSuite come with powerful analytics that can provide you with actionable insights regarding all the aspects of your business.

Commerce-Ready ERP


NetSuite comes packed with software tools that can drastically improve sales, marketing communication, and visibility from your inventory to billing phases.

Designed for A Modern Company

Designed for AModern Company

With NetSuite’s process automation tools, you can free up the resources tied up in otherwise mundane jobs and focus on improving your growth.

netsuite product overview

Netsuite ERP

Streamline business processes and increase productivity with the world's most preferred cloud-based ERP with advanced functionalities and high-end customization to suit all your business needs.

Netsuite CRM

A comprehensive customer relationship lifecycle management solution. Use its insights to know your customer better and improve sales performance.

Netsuite PSA

Netsuite PSA is the first cloud native solution that unites all of the ERP and professional services automation functionality to meet the business requirements and needs of both product and services companies in one single system

Netsuite OneWorld & BI

A system designed for multinationals, OneWorld is the last word in global business management. It integrates all the functionalities of Netsuite to power your global business.

Netsuite SuiteCommerce

Support B2C and B2B selling models on a single platform with a dramatically lower investment and without separate systems. SuiteCommerce integrates the best of Netsuite's capabilities to streamline your ecommerce business.

Prateek Apps on Netsuite

Extend the power and functionality of NetSuite through Suite Apps. Taking customization to the next level, these apps work within your existing system to power your processes.

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