NetSuite Consulting

NetSuite Consulting

As your organization grows, it might be difficult for you to consolidate data and applications from disparate and outdated ERP systems. At Prateek Technosoft, we understand how such systems and processes can weigh you down and prevent you from scaling. Also, by not changing your business practices to accommodate a growing and dynamic customer needs, you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage.With our NetSuite consultant and services, we ensure that your employees and customers are equipped with the best-in-class ERP solution that understands their needs and supports them efficiently.


Key Benefits

Wealth of Experience - We come with several years of experience under our belt to handle complex requirements in finances, supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution.

Access to Insights - With NetSuite’s powerful reporting capabilities modified to identify gaps in your business, we help you make data-backed decisions to improve your business.

Harnessed Value - We know what it takes to make the most of your NetSuite investment. As an overall benefit of working with us, you can make better business decisions.

Reduced Technology Friction - Since we emphasize on using technology to make your processes faster and more connected, we can drastically reduce software dependencies.

netsuite journey, from consulting to support


    With our deep understanding of NetSuite, we can assess how you use the solution and derive customized plans that will help you make the most of it.


    With our integration services, your communication with all the applications in your organization becomes seamless, easy and efficient.


    Once you have implemented NetSuite, your journey to business efficiency has only just begun. At Prateek Technosoft, we believe that training is an essential second step in the process so that you can make the most of all that NetSuite has to offer.


    Implementing a suite of NetSuite products can be overwhelming and expensive if it is not done right. Our expertise allows you to optimize processes to maximize your ROI. At Prateek Technosoft, we come with a combined experience of 5 years. We have helped our clients accelerate their growth and take on more complex requirements with ease. Our understanding of the requirements pertaining to several verticals makes us your ideal NetSuite implementation partner.


    At Prateek, our job doesn’t end with getting your NetSuite applications up and running. Through our post-implementation support services, we will continue to ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience with all your applications and across your business units.


    Our optimization services for NetSuite ensures that your business and operational workflows are streamlined and run like well-oiled machines.


    Our data migration services are aimed at making your business future-ready by moving your operations to the cloud, making your business more connected across channels.


    With our customization services, we ensure that your NetSuite implementation is tailor-made to enhance your business processes for maximum efficiency.

our clients

Micro, small, medium, large. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and from diverse sectors. We carry the same passion into every project. Ask these good people about it. Check out a few of our esteemed clients below.